The Sanctuary Window

The most significant feature of the Sacred Heart College Chapel is the magnificent stained glass sanctuary window which was installed for the opening ceremony in 1874. The unique design of the window includes the 14 Stations of the Cross and a central panel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. A lower panel depicts a pelican feeding her young with her blood which symbolises Christ our Redeemer.

The design of the winder was inspired by Mother Xavier as it was her wish that the elderly and infirmed Sisters at the convent could remain in their seats, look up at the window and follow Christ's final journey as they took part in the devotion of the Stations of the Cross.

The window was designed by English architect and renowned stained glass artist David Relph Drape and made by Ferguson and Urie using glass which had been sourced in Italy. The sanctuary window was a gift to the Sisters from the families of the early boarders.

David Relph Drape 1821 - 1882

David Relph Drape emigrated to Australia from England and quickly established his reputation as an architect and stained glass artist. During his long career he designed and made many beautiful windows which continue to feature in churches, private homes and buildings in Victoria. In many of his works his name or initials were almost invisibly painted into the intricate scenes, but if David left his name on the Sacred Heart Sanctuary window it remains hidden to this day!

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