The first SHC School Song

Recently I received an email from Sr Carmel O'Dwyer, past Sacred Heart College Principal (1982 -2000). Here are her recollections and the story of the first SHC song.

As you would have heard elsewhere I was at SHC 1967-69. Sr. M.Thecla was quite a formidable Principal for many years to the end of '68. I remember she decided manners were not good and before recess each day she came on the loud speaker to give instruction in same

We Sisters often had the habit of folding our arms under our guimp. One day when I was teaching a Yr. 11 class we hear "a lady never stands with her arms folded". You can imagine how all the girls laughed as I sprang to attention.

Sr. M.Patrice was the new Principal, a position she was not ready for nor suited to. She had been a fine Deputy to Thecla. I decided to write the song for her feast day on March 17 (Feast of St. Patrick) It was done in a hurry and taught to as many as I could get together to learn it while not letting Patrice know. When I returned in '82 I was a bit shocked, embarrassed to find it was still the School Song so I commissioned Phil Bates a local singer and composer to write one for us. Hence Virtus Vera Nobilitas (I'm sure you recognize this as the motto!!!)

Sacred Heart School Song
by Sr Carmel O'Dwyer

Our honour is great to be
Proud students of S.H.C.
Our Patron, the Lord himself
Our colours those of his queen

Our motto will guide us for life
Virtus vera nobilitas
With the eagle we must aim high
Then the laurel will be our crown

Our cross is our banner for life
With the lord we must love one and all
As we are one here at S.H.C.
May we be one in eternity.

With thanks to Sr Carmel O'Dwyer

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