The curious prize.

This bottle opener with the sttached Sacred Heart College crest is unique. It was presented to former student Colette Martini when she was a student in the Junior school by Sr Thecla Day, principal of Sacred Heart College.

Colette explains the reason for the unusual gift to a little child as:

When we were in the Junior School we were asked to sign a Pledge forsaking all alcohol. I thought about this and then said I couldn't sign. When asked I told Sister that if I signed the Pledge it meant that I could not have a sip of my Daddy's sherry when I sat on his knee each night.
I thought that was that until the prize giving evening when all my classmates received pretty little plates with the College crest. Instead Sr Thecla Day presented me with a bottle opener. As far as I know it is the only bottle opener she ever presented.

Colette graduated in 1971. As a prep student she was teased by fellow student Brendan Gellion who used to pull her pigtails. In Grade 2, Brendan left the school to attend St Joseph's. They were later married, raised a family and owned several hotels.

Colette kept her bottle opener but in 2010, when the College celebrated its 150th anniversary she donated it to the archives.

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