School Songs, Crest and Motto

Sacred Heart School Song
by Sr Carmel O'Dwyer

Our honour is great to be
Proud students of S.H.C.
Our Patron, the Lord himself
Our colours those of his queen

Our motto will guide us for life
Virtus vera nobilitas
With the eagle we must aim high
Then the laurel will be our crown

Our cross is our banner for life
With the lord we must love one and all
As we are one here at S.H.C.
May we be one in eternity.

School Songs, Crest and Motto The Sacred Heart School Song was written by Sr Carmel
O'Dwyer between 1965 - 1967 who was at the time a
classroom teacher and also in charge of choir, sports and junior boarders.

The College Crest is a symbol of the College, all that it means to us and all it teaches us.

The Laurel Wreath, symbol of victory, reminds us to give our best in all that we do, so that by living our lives well in this world, we may win a crown of glory in the world to come. The Eagle, king of birds, ever aspiring to the heights, reminds us to keep our ideals high and our minds ever open to truth and beauty.

The Shield, on which is written our motto, Virtus Vera Nobilitas (Virtue is True Nobility), represents the weapon we must use in the battle of life - the weapon of goodness in which greatness consists.

The Flaming Heart encircled with thorns speaks to us of the Sacred Heart, to whom our school is dedicated. As with him, so with us, love and sacrifice must be intertwined. The Cross surmounting all, is the banner under which we fight, and with which we shall conquer.

The Scroll at the base bears the words S.H.C. Geelong, whose spirit and traditions we hope to faithfully uphold.

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