On 18 April 1860 the Sisters of the Newtown Convent placed a small notice in the Geeong Advertiser announcing that they had had opened a day school and were also prepared to receive a limited number of children as boarders.

The day school and boarding schools flourished and soon orphans and then industrial school children were added to the operation. In keeping with the prctice of the day boarders, day students and orphans were all kept seperate from each other.

Boarders were first housed in the "Sunville" homestead. There were six boarders in the first year.

The boarders moved to the East Wing building when construction was completed and eventually spread to the South Wing, West Wing and the former St Joseph's Orphanage areas.

The boarders' dormitories typically contained a row of beds on each side separated by white curtains. Each student had a bedside table and a chair: this practice continued until the 1970s.

From the late 1920s until 1975, senior boarders slept on the balcony of the East Wing, which was open to the weather. Occasionally, boarders had to move their beds along the walls to avoid the rain. In the boarding school's final year in 1975, there were only eight boarders in residence.

Boarding School Girls 1904
Back row (from left): Carrie Hoban, Mary Hill, Madge Carroll, Ila Talmage, Olive Barry, Martha Hoban, Marnie McCoy, Rona Lefebvie and Hettie Hayes. Third row: Elsie Keogh, Mary Keating, Beatrice Dillon, Eileen McIntyre, Jessie Baker, Cecilie Dillon, Florrie Lavery, Ruby Egan, Bridgie Collins and Annie O'Neill. Second row: Mary Georgehan, Eileen O'Loghlin, Eileen Hammond, Kathleen McCoy, Ethel Daly and Mary Duggan. Front row: Eileen McCoy, Gladys Talmage, Sadie Moloney, Gertie Hynes, Mona Murphy, Eileen O'Sullivan, Mary Moloney, Dorrie McHeag and Linda Talmage.

Boarders balcony 1950

Requirements for a Boarder, 1945

2 Uniform Hats - Felt (winter) 2 Hat Bands. Straw (summer) 1 Uniform Overcoat
1 Uniform Blazer
1 Uniform Pullover
1 Uniform Tunic
1 Uniform Sports Tunic
3 Uniform Blouses
1 Uniform Tie
3 Uniform Stockings
1 Uniform Pair of Gloves
2 Uniform Summer Dresses

3 Sets of Usual Underclothing
2 Pairs of warm Black Bloomers
1 Dressing Gown
1 Bathing Suit
1 Doz. Handkerchiefs
1 Linen Bag
3 Night Gowns or Pyjamas
1 White net Veil
1 Black net Veil (about 1 1/2 yards each)
1 Pair Slippers
1 Pair of white Tennis Shoes
1 Hair Brush and Comb and Bag
1 Clothes Brush
1 Nail Brush
1 Tooth Brush

1 Rug or Eiderdown
3 Pairs of Sheets
2 Pillow Cases
2 Towels
2 Bath Towels
2 Serviettes
1 Serviette Ring
1 Tennis Racket (not compulsory)
2 Pairs of College Shoes
8 Coat Hangers
1 Saturday Dress - any coloured dress will do
2 Work Aprons
2 Small Hand Towels
1 Work Basket (furnished)

Each pupil must be provided with soap and all requisites for the toilet, also notepaper and stamps, dinner knife and fork, small knife, fruit knife and fork, soup spoon, dessert spoon, tea spoon. N.B. - All clothes should be marked plainly with owner's name in full. Two lists of outfit should be sent - one pasted in trunk, the other for the linen room

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