March - The sisters take up permanent residence in Sunville, a house built by solicitor Joseph William Belcher in June 1850 on 11 acres of the Mercer's Hill Estate.

March 19 - Mother Maguire and the Sisters open the school on this date at Sunville, Mercer's Hill. With the first two students, Catherine Pelly and Mary Pelly. A further seven girls were enrolled in March, Mary Jane Healey, Ellen Killan, Margaret Hartey, Mary Jane Markham, Mary Anne Stowe, Mary Ellen Dowling and Ellen Murphy.

April 18 - The Sisters place an advertisement in the Geelong Advertiser announcing that they have opened a day school at their Mercer's Hill Convent. By the close of 1860, there are a further 16 students enrolled, bringing the total intake to 25 students. Six are boarders.

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